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Below are just a few of the fabulous books we have created for our customers. You can find most of them for sale on Amazon as well as in a host of other online book shops, or in local bookshops and village shops all over the south west of England.


'I never imagined that I would be able to write, illustrate and publish my own children's book, but with a bit of determination and the positive, friendly and experienced assistance from Honeybee, my dream became a reality. I have enjoyed the experience so much that we are even planning the second book!'

Marie Robinson

Author of ‘Buzzzzby the Cross-eyed Bee’


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                   The Astrology Book

                         By Andrea Taylor

            Now for sale on Amazon as Paperback and ebook                            

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Journalist Gill Capper’s comic collection of writings about life with a dog.

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Writer, Poet and Playwright John Foot’s beautifully crafted collection of short stories.

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Fascinating true life story about life in a

bush hospital in Papua.

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Walls and Bridges offers some insights into why people build both physical and symbolic walls and bridges in life. Combining views from History, Philosophy, Science and Theology, this is a fascinating read.

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The Last Hoobaloo, the King of the Skies, journeys through a beautifully imagined landscape... sold in aid of The British Lung Foundation.

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A History of the Serpentine river, written by Dr Louise Foxcroft of Cambridge University.

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This exquisite book by Sally Alce leads children on a journey along the Jurassic Coast... did they really see what they think they saw?

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A collection of sixteen voices from Bridport presented through the medium of writing: short stories, flash fiction and poetry, all based on the theme of rope.

Order from: frances.colville@gmail.com

Honeybee Books, Broadoak, Bridport, Dorset.

Tel: 01308 488655

Two penniless children left to fend for themselves.

From his birth at the outset of World War 2, Joe’s Story is the simultaneously heart-breaking and heart-warming true story of the remarkable childhood of Joe Sawley.

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Sam Taylor is an acknowledged expert on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Anna Moretti is a passionate and fearless Jack the Ripper investigator. Rising above their uneasy and turbulent alliance, and pursued by an undercover Police Unit they follow the trail to its dramatic end.

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In “Working with Relationships... Can’t live without them!”  psychotherapist Geoff Miles has taken his 40 years of experience in working with couples and families and written this book for those looking to understand more about relationships. The book presents to you a fresh approach at looking at relationships aimed at couples, parents, therapists, in fact anyone with an interest in developing an emotionally happy and healthy relationship.

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