We need to know a few details about your book to give you a final price. All our prices take into account a proof copy before your final order, and the delivery of your final books. No hidden extras! There are only two pricing elements to consider. The design and preparation of your book, and the final price for printing the books.

Our professional book design means you get a truly first class book at the end of your process. Our prices start at just £300, and our print prices are hard to beat. You only need to take a look at our testimonials page to see that it’s a deal that is worth every penny.

Design and Print Prices

Design Prices

Print from PDF : £200

If you are a graphic designer and can design your own book PDFs, our print-only option is for you. We will send you guidelines for how to provide files, and throw in a free ISBN and barcode.

Text only book : £300

Top class book design for text-only books, including cover design, ISBN and barcode. This is our design package for all books under 80,000 words which don’t need any images.

Book with up to 10 images : £350

This includes all our usual design attention and ISBN /barcode offer, but also takes into account up to 10 images which will be tidied and optimised for print before inclusion in your book. Old photos can also be restored, cropped or re-defined as needed. This book should be under 80,000 words.

Book with up to 20 images (or up to 100,000 words) : £400

As our other design packages, but with more more leeway for images or for longer text. If you think you want more images than this, have a book with a greater word count, or have other things you’d like to include, do contact us for a chat.

Print Prices

We can provide paperback and hardback books, black and white or colour printing, and books of almost any dimensions up to a maximum of A4 size. If you want us to include photos or other images, we can do this too, just check with us for our file submission guidelines.

For us to give you a quote we need to know the following details:

  1. -  How many pages of A4 your book comes to, or    

     the word count.

  1. -  What size book you think you might want.

  2. -  Whether you would like hardback or paperback


  1. -   If you have images to be included, approximately

     how many?

-   Do you need black and white or colour printing?

-   How many copies do you think you might want?

Print price example:

Paperback Book, 127mm by 203mm

90 pages black and white printing

100 copies @ £4.35 each = £435.00

Small or large print runs

From a single copies to thousands we can help you. Unlike some online publishers it won’t cost you over the odds for a small print run, from 25 - 100. The more books you order, the better the price, but we think you’ll find even a handful of books will come in at a price that is affordable for anyone. Why not contact us for a no-obligation quote, and a chat about your project.

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